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We Can Help You

• Develop custom reports
• Create Performance Dashboards
• Mine the data hidden in your information and messaging systems
• Collaborate with your staff to obtain accurate metrics
• Create visualizations of trends, anomalies, and outliers
• E-mail reports directly to your inbox
• Create transparency so stakeholders understand and trust reports
• Validate the quality of reports through rigorous review and testing

We have exceptional hands-on data skills and domain knowledge that can help your team meet tight deadlines and produce essential insight.

Custom Reports.
We offer consulting and implementation services to develop custom reports utilizing data within your relational and OLAP data stores. Reports can include your specific departmental or organizational business rules and formatting requirements. Information from multiple reportscan be combined into one and supplemented with your own business metrics. A key step is to establish clear and precise business requirements through an interview process with relevant stakeholders. Combining business input with our technical understanding of the underlying structures, logic and available data ensures that the project will meet your business goals.

Custom Metrics, Queries
and Data Investigation.
Sometimes your goals demand new metrics. To calculate them may require direct data access, integration of multiple data sources, custom algorithms and custom filters to screen out outliers. We can easily accommodate these needs as well. You may want a custom Excel extract or a direct SQL or OLAP query that you can plug into an analysis project. With a precise understanding of your business goals and detailed requirements, we can match your needs with the available data, identify risks or information gaps, and make sense of apparently messy and chaotic real-world transactional data. When such needs arise, we are able to step in and efficiently resolve the issues.

Other Business Intelligence Initiatives.
We have extensive experience in business intelligence consulting and software development for health care and other business domains. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our expertise can contribute to making your next business intelligence project a success.

  Microsoft Business Intelligence Product Experts.
We have years of experience with the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) product suite, particularly SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for SQL Server 2005 and later. We understand its strengths and weaknesses, and we can organize a BI project to efficiently provide the business metrics you need without getting sidetracked in design or technical issues. We have developed approaches for efficient ETL (extraction- transform-load) processing that cleanly handle complex business rules. We have also developed user interface components for presenting and executing SSRS reports that provide better functionality and aesthetics for the end user than the native Microsoft interface. Because of the complexity of the Microsoft BI product suite, solid experience is critical for both short-term and long-term success and satisfaction with your BI solution.

Business Domains.
An efficient and successful BI project requires both technical skill and requisite business domain experience. We’ve walked a mile in the shoes of our clients, so we understand our end users’ nitty gritty day-to-day issues and concerns, both in the executive offices and on the hospital floor or the production line. We have longstanding and extensive hands-on experience in healthcare informatics (e.g. hospital management, clinical research, epidemiology), manufacturing (e.g. shop floor control), logistics (e.g. warehouse pick management, shipping management), and accounting systems integration and customization. With that understanding, we provide solutions with the ease-of-use, accuracy and robustness that inspire confidence and produce long-term satisfaction.